Different types of Online Gambling

All online casinos out there can be separated into two large groups depending on their software: pure web-based and download-only casinos. Some of them even have the options to choose between the two types.

Web Based Online Casino

Web-based online casinos are gambling sites also known by the name flash casinos are web pages that offer various casino games which can be played directly on the site. Usually games are opened with the use of some kind of a plug-in like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java depending of the browser that you use. A great example is Palace of Chance which you can learn about here.

Download Only Online Casino

Download-based online casinos are different because you need to download their gambling software in order to make bets or wagers. After the software is downloaded, you can play without using a browser. They run faster and there are rarely gameplay problems in comparison to web-based casino sites. The bad side is that the initial download and installation will take some of your free time.

Online Casino Game Variants

The games offered online are similar with those in regular casinos, but because of the development of web design and software there is the opportunity to develop various type of games with different graphics. Creating casino games is one of the most creative processes in online gambling. There are two basic groups of game variants: live casino games and virtual casinos. As time passes by the crossover between these two groups become more and more often. Today casinos tend to offer large number of live games or tournaments for their gambling audience. The reason for this is to provide top customer experience and simulate real life gambling conducted in real casinos.

Virtual Casino Gambling

Virtual casino games are there from the very beginnings of online gambling. In this type of game the player is alone with the software and doesn’t know what other players are wagering or what are their potential winnings. The biggest problem here is that very often players feel like they are being conned because they think nobody is winning at that particular game. But reality is different; the outcome of each casino game is determined by tightly regulated software called Random Number Generator. This means that each player that is gambling at a casino has equal chances of winning. RNG is a type of algorithm which provides great unpredictability of the outcome and fairness to players. It is programmed to give back around 80% to 98% of the wagers made in winnings to players. eCOGRA is a regulatory body that keeps track if casinos use this system properly.

Live Casino Gambling

Live casino games are the future of online gambling. They can be used for various types of games, most often for card and table games and cannot be useful when playing slot machines. Usually the live department of an online casino has live dealer software and video communication between the players and the casino. The most common types of live casino is the blackjack tables and poker rooms. Today a popular thing among players is poker tournaments. The reason that live gambling is not fully developed by casinos is the high maintenance cost. But the best part of live gambling at online casino is the experience offered to customers because this type of games bring them even closer to the “real deal.”

Play for Fun Casinos

Play for fun casinos are those that offer free games to players without the need for a real money deposit to a casino account. A number of free play casinos are also real money casinos, so players can choose to start wagering at any time. When playing in a free play casino, there will be a limited number of free games that can be enjoyed. One of the great things about free play casinos is that the games are offered in flash, so there is no need to download and install any casino software at this time.

Games Offered

Each online casino will offer a different selection of free games. Most of these will be in an instant play version. When visiting an online casino, many of the free games will be slot games, but here are also table and card games that can be enjoyed at no risk. These games are a perfect way for players to learn new game rules and see what types of variations of the game are being offered. In addition to the classic casino games that can be played for free, some sites will also have video poker and specialty games that can be enjoyed. With free games, players are under no time restraints or financial obligations, so these are great opportunities to begin playing online.

Game Features

When playing any of the free games that are offered in an online casino, players will enjoy all of the standard game features. This means that they will play the game in the same way that real money players are playing. Free casino games may not offer real money payouts, but they can provide players with a way to test games and see if they wish to continue playing. All free casino games will contain the same features as the real money version so that players can get a feel for what the game offers and how it can reward players who place wagers online.

The Golden State Warriors History

The Golden State Warriors are having an amazing time right now. The team is on fire and beloved across the nation. Lately, everyone has been hearing about the Golden State Warriors and all of their NBA wins, but how did the team come into existence?

Let’s just say that their history is a rollercoaster. Some may find that hard to believe with the amazing way they play today, but it is true. They started out rough and learned many lessons along the way.

In the NBA, half of the teams each year will make it to the post-season. However, the Golden State Warriors once went 18 years with only one playoff game.

Statistics wise, that many losses are unlikely to happen but it happened again. From 1978 to 2012, the team only went to the playoffs six times out of a whopping 35 years.

But, as luck would have it, the winds of fate changed and the Golden State Warriors were blessed with the player of the century. In 2012, the Golden State Warriors drafted Stephen Curry. Curry is currently in his 9th season with the Golden State Warriors.

Surprisingly, given his talent and success, he was not a hot ticket in the draft. Many did not feel he was NBA material and passed him over, but the coach of the Golden State Warriors saw something in Curry and snatched him up.

It was a remarkable decision.

Besides being an extremely talented player, he was also the first NBA player to be unanimously voted MVP of the NBA. Curry set many shooting records and is widely considered by basketball aficionados to be the very best outside shooter in NBA history. Curry transformed the way that basketball is coached and the way that it is played. He is an NBA legend. You canview online source here.

Coaching Staff

First, there was Mark Jackson, who knew how to grow a team, but had difficulties recognizing talent and creating an offensive strategy.

Next, was former NBA champion, Steve Kerr. Steve was just what the team’s ownership was looking for. Steve Kerr commanded the complete trust of his team and it was well earned.read more here.

An Amazing Play

The Splash Brothers Duo came onto the scene. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were an amazing pair and continually kept other teams guessing about what they would do next, propelling them to superstar status.


Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson began to dominate the NBA court. Along with a great management team they are stars in their field.

They play on their court, nicknamed “The Roaracle” and are said to have the best home-court advantage in all of the NBA. Their four championship titles prove that to be true, without a doubt.

Only time will tell what the Golden State Warriors will do next.view source and see for yourself.